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Sunday, March 7, 2010

How real are the ���reality shows��� on TV channels

YOUNG INNOCENT kids are under tremendous pressure nowadays. For one it is the rising educational weight in the form of school bags and pressure to get high percentage from their parents and loved ones and now there has been a flood of entertainment channels on television and kids are under pressure from their loved ones, teachers and from the members of their society where they reside to perform excellent in the talent hunt ‘reality shows’, which have been drawing a large number of audience who find daily sops boring and too complicated to understand.

The success of these reality shows, which are being telecast on different satellite channels mostly during the prime time i.e. 9pm onwards, can be gauged from the fact that these reality shows receive millions of SMS’ through mobile to vote for the favourite contestant and the reports of various surveys conducted to rate the Television Rating Point (TRP) of these programmes also prove that there has been a rising popularity among the masses, especially among the middle class families, for these reality shows.

Middle class families feel these reality shows provide an opportunity to exhibit one’s talent in singing, music, dance, comedy, laughter, etc and as the show is telecast on satellite channels, it gives one a global platform to display talent in front of a large number of viewers. Now, it is up to the viewers of the show to decide whom they like the most. The role of the judges participating in the show is nothing more than that of a puppet as they do what the channel marketing people tell them to do. The scripts are written and there seems to be little left for the judges to do anything of their own. And if the people have to decide the fate of participants, as most of the votes still get cast considering the regional preferences of the voters among the participating contestants, then what is the need of judges who rebuke and scold participants and make young participants feel like they have committed some crime by coming on to the stage.

Truth is always stranger than fiction and imagination looks brighter than reality. Reality shows in the name of talent hunt that are going on different TV channels are one such mirage, which attracts fame-hungry people to itself and then slowly finish them off in a short span of time. These channels are just exploiting young talents and making millions of rupees through the game of voting.

Immature minds cannot take failures. They start taking too much stress, thinking about the consequences of their failure and what their parents, teachers or relatives would say to them on their failure? How their friends will greet them after watching the show on TV and seeing them not qualifying for another round. All this psychological pressure takes a toll on the nervous system of a child and then some unfortunate incident occurs. What happened to young Shinjni, who is now admitted to a hospital after she suffered a light paralytic attack following the harsh judgment passed on her by the judges of a dance show.

Reality shows are not real as they look. Everything there is dramatised in front of people and a large number of viewers get fooled. The contestant whom the channel marketing people think should be the winner, gets the crown. In the past too, there have been allegations against the famous Kaun Banega Crorepati where people alleged that several members of the BSNL reached the final 10 contestants and a few were given another chance too, to win big money. So, the parents should realise that their children are not money-making machines and they must not sacrifice their childhood for such programmes. The Union government must ask all the channels to stop telecasting all reality shows, which include children under the age of 18 years. There should be some law to stop child labour that is going on in the TV industry.

A child artiste today works for more than 16 hours. Can you imagine the state of mind of that child and what problems he has to face after he becomes 40 years of age. He will be finished by then. It is time to actfor the government and there is need to spread awareness among the parents to stop putting load of your happiness and desires on the weak shoulders of your children.

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