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Friday, March 26, 2010

In this modern era, the technological advancements are increasing day by day and everyone should be well exposed with today’s technology. Our main objective through the event Techno Kumbh-10 will be to provide a platform for all the students of technical stream, where they can show their technical skills. This event will provide a competitive and learning environment to the students and also help them to enhance their skills.

A multidimensional extravaganza where knowledge and intellect mingle with sporadic fun. The word TECHNOKUMBH got its significance from the Holy KUMBH MELA which used to be celebrated after every 12 years in The Holy City Ujjain. The festival will serve as a national stage for many events: many technical, cultural and sports events comprising paper presentation, model presentation, Software presentation and Quiz along with many events with the aim at providing a Platform for Technology Transfer for Undergraduates through competitions which will require Engineering skills apart from Innovative mindset. This Technological KUMBH will entice the Engineering mind all across the country to be a part of this KUMBH and depict their Innovative ideas.

Mahakal Institute of Technology is organizing a KUMBH mela to celebrate the indigenous talent and encourage the endeavors of the green youth of India. MIT is providing a platform for you, the engineers of various institutes to showcase your talent and a great chance to discover and implement your innovative and constructive ideas. So rush to discover your own constellation!

•Eureka(Paper Presentation)
•Soft Lobby (Software Presentation)
•Open Hardware (Model Presentation)
•Code-A-Holix(Programming Competition)
•Voodoo (Animation)
•Quiz(Based on general awareness)

•Slam Dunk(Basket ball)
•Street Fifa(Quarter Field Football)(Boys)
•Gully cricket (Forget T-20)
•Ping Pong (Table Tennis)
•Leg Cricket (Girls)
•Sitoliya (Girls)
•Throw Ball (Girls)

•Blasting Boom(Group Dance Competition)
•Nukkad Naatak(Skit Competition)
•Deadly Dacoit (Treasure Hunt)

•ReeliZation (Documentry)
•Game Freak (Lan Gamming)
Our team
Chief Patron: Er.Praveen Vashishtha
Patron: Er. Dharmendra Gupta, Dr.M.G. Sharma, Dr.V.S.Ubboveja.
Advisory Committee:
Pf.Sandeep Agarwal, Pf.Manish Barve, Pf.Anshu Tripathi,
Pf.Atique Khan, Pf.S.K.Verma, Pf.Abhishek.Verma,
Pf.Santosh Vyas, Pf.Atul Pathak.
Pf.Shitij Joshi(09827283930), Pf.Gourav Gupta(09301104153).
Pf.Saurabh Gaur(9827738440), Pf.Updesh Pandey(9827309042).
Student coordinators
Amod S Gehlot
Yash Chunekar
Deepayan Pandharkar
Gourav Nagar
Krishna Kant Malviya
(9685822643) Harish Iyer

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