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Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Thanks to "Lage raho ...." for making me realize the greatness of Bhaarat all over again. India is the only country in the world where "Gandhigiri" flows in the bloodstream of more than 1.2 billion. “Gandhigiri” can be used as a synonym for the moral values that have been inculcated into Indians over the centuries. Every now and then some one like Gandhi comes and forces us to look inside our souls to rediscover those subtle values that we tend to overlook so easily. I might not be a stern follower and believer of all that Gandhi had said and preached, but I do believe in the underlying essence of his preaching’s.

Sticking to the truth and righteousness and following the “path of dharma” has been taught to Indians since Vedic times and these virtues have been passed on from one generation to next. Neither moughals nor British could erase these qualities and the traces are still visible in our DNA. People make a nation, when majority of the citizens walk the path of truth, righteousness and dharma, the nation walks in the same direction. India never attacked any country for greed of oil. I doubt if Indians would have kept quite if more than 3000 Indian soldiers would have died on the “Line of duty (aka Greed of oil)”. Unlike some developed countries, Indians do not preach or follow Barbaric way of life by invading other countries because the word barbaric means uncivilized and India is one of the oldest civilizations on this planet. In India we still respect our elders; no other civilization has a practice of touching feet of elders in the family. In west one can forget about respecting elders, even parents are abandoned by their kids once kids are on their own. “Ahinmsa” or non-violence is another virtue that makes Indians great. India might have a huge problem of stray cattle, dogs and cats. Well, this is the live proof that we don’t go about killing innocent animals. Human race is considered above the animals and we are taught to spare and help other forms of life that are not as developed as we are. Even a poor farmer takes good care of his cattle and there is a festival dedicated to animals where the farm animals are prayed. Indians are far more caring towards animals than any other nation, In west the humane society and other adoption agencies puts the dogs and cats to sleep (kill them) if they are not adopted in 1weeks time, and then they call themselves Humane.

India has always followed the path of truth. Indians always took up arms against injustice. My faith in Indian values is still intact and I know that Indians will continue to walk the path of righteousness and continue to fight the evils like corruption and any form of injustice.
Thanks to “Lage raho… ” I again realized the greatness of our nation.
Jai Hind.
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