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Friday, February 5, 2010

India in a need of “tech-revolution”

India around 1960 faced a rapid change in the spirit of a common people. The war between India and Pakistan was the most important reason for it. It was the time when we were fighting a war with Pak but also with the years of our hunger. At that time the maximum percentage of death is due to hunger. India was in crisis and there was no hope of light. But this change in spirit of Indians took us at the level where we are now. This change resulted Green Revolution. Many farmers applied all the latest technologies in the farming leaving the old traditional style. They learnt how to save time, how to manure the crops, use of fertilizers etc. This not only made us self sufficient but also made India to stand in the world market of agricultural. Green revolution is basically a result of technology.
At this moment of time India is growing up rapidly. It’s going to be the 3rd largest power in the world but there are truths that can’t be denied. It can’t be denied that we know about technologies but the problem is we are learner of a technology not the creator of technologies. India requires frequent changes otherwise the future results are to going to be in its favor as they are now. India is searching out for a new techno-revolution.
What I basically mean from tech-revolution and what are the steps to be taken for the same is the main question. The tech revolution will definitely contain two most important points- a) The implementation of all the available technologies in each and every field and b) The development of new technologies. Thus India require two major steps two be taken first will be to include recent technology as one of the subjects in schools as well as in colleges. The second and the foremost step will be to encourage the research work. The main reason for success of countries like America is the importance that has been given to research work over there; it’s their research work that had made that country as superpower. India at this moment though growing up but fighting two wars that is an internal war with our internal problems and second is an external war against increasing challenges and competition from other countries. This external war also includes Terrorism. The wars can only be won a tech revolution
Definitely its not going to be so easy for any country but it was also not easy in 1960s where we all broke the old trends and proved ourselves in spite of all the unfavorable conditions. Its time where we have to start creating our own technologies and not only just develop but have to utilize as well as implement them in the whole country.
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  1. nice one yaar
    yes India is learning new technology and little slow in creating technlogoy
    but i thought learning new things is also gud
    as we saw lot of Indian students serving in other countries also
    and yes research work should be encourage more in school and colleges

  2. yupp sir but just think we doing it for other countries not for india bcz in India research in not encouraged...

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