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Friday, February 26, 2010

Where are you when I need you most?

Where are you when I need you most?
You disappeared into the darkness
You left nothing behind but your memory
And for me to wait for you

Your heartfelt spirit is absent now
The smiles have wiped off the faces
Of the people you deserted here
You caused internal forever pain

I, the one you loved am crippled
Because of your sudden vacation
Your vacation that would last a lifetime
To a secret resort I will never know of

What made you decide to change your mind?
You made me feel I wasnâ??t good enough for you
Maybe that is true, maybe it is not
But now, how will I ever know?

I have been trying to thrust your memory aside
So I could get on with my life
I have tried to love someone other than you
Yet, somehow you remain the main focus

My outlook on life has changed, you know
And yes, it is because of your actions
You left me here alone to put up with this
This life I can not live without you...

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