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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Is being a woman a crime in India?

Is India a hypocritical society? Or we are just plainly liars? We worship goddesses on every major festival. In the nine days of Navratras, we worship Goddess Durga, for wealth, we revere Lakshmi while Saraswati is depicted as the embodiment of knowledge. However, this seems to be just done for appearances. We really don’t consider a woman as a Devi, do we? If you say yes, we do, these stats from the National Crimes Records Bureau (NRCB) tell us a different story! Have a look:

* According to the NRCB stats, Andhra Pradesh, the southern state in India has recorded the maximum crime against women. These include 11,335 cases of violence, 613 dowry deaths, 1,564 kidnapping cases, 1,070 rape cases in just one state!
* Uttar Pradesh is not far behind. About 21,216 violence cases which include about 2,066 dowry deaths, 3,189 kidnapping cases and 1,532 rape cases.
* According to NRCB, many minor girls are raped by police personnel themselves!
* Haryana may be a small state but it has recorded about 4,645 cases of crime against women with 488 rape cases and about 269 dowry deaths.
* In Bihar more than 59% women are subjected to domestic violence. About 7,548 cases have been recorded which include 1,260 kidnapping cases, 1,172 dowry deaths and 1,555 rape cases!

These stats may be frightening but they are definitely not the real picture since most of the times most cases are not reported due to the fear of shame or even other repercussions to the family.

We talk about being a progressive Indian society, yet statistics reveal the other side of the picture. Earlier, people used to drown or bury the new born girls alive and now more and more people are opting for female infanticide. According to the reported trends, a woman is raped ever 29th minute in India! People throw acids like sulfuric acids and other such chemicals on women’s faces. Even a state like Bangladesh announced a death penalty for such a heinous crime, yet India is napping!

Dowry deaths are so common as well. A newly married woman should get income tax free money and gifts for in laws from her parents. If she doesn’t, she is killed by various means. What’s more is most of the cases are shoved under the carpet, since the law makers and the care takers of law are just bribed by the offenders. Honor killings in villages are rampant and glorified. Child marriages are still prevalent!

All kinds of law care takers from the highest to the lowest are bribed. Most women don’t even get the justice they deserve! Why? What is the solution to this problem? Does any one know?
comon guys its d time to respect all sections of society...isnt it???
plz spread these words..write bloggs..msg..whatever u can...
and start it with urself respect women...
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